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This is our new standard production part we have made to simplify the vacuum valve installation. All required now with this saddle mount is to drill a 5/8″ clearance hole where you want the vacuum valve, and clamp it on. The parts are all 321 series stainless, .050″ tube and .060″ saddle with the tube properly welded in. They will never crack or compromise the exhaust systems integrity in any way. The saddle pieces have locator tabs to prevent the two stainless steel clamps (provided) from moving and the tubes are set to the optimum angle for best vacuum performance, thus removing any guess work, or the need for the end user to perform welding operations etc. We have them in stock now and will offer them as standard equipment for our vacuum systems. When ordering, please be sure to specify the tail pipe outside diameter where you intend to mount the vacuum valve assembly. We can still offer the weld in tube for special or custom installations if needed.

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