Retrofit Safety Bypass Kit


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This is our new “Safety Bypass Kit” we have created to eliminate any possibility of the vacuum valve installation plugging up, due to oil coking or failure. All that is required to install this bypass kit is to cut the hose from the separator to the exhaust mounted check valve, insert this “T”, and clamp it in line. The parts are all pre-assembled with the 24” hose, the high quality .5 psi relief valve pressed into the hose, the special high flow brass T, located and clamped in place for you. The kit comes with all the clamps etc. that match the standard or separator or saddle mount installation kits. This kit should last the life of your aircraft as it is only required to function as a pop-off in the unlikely event the exhaust fitting were to plug up. This installation should allow you to enjoy all of the advantages of having the Anti-Splat-Aero vacuum evacuation system on your aircraft, without the concerns of it causing any unwanted issues. It is still necessary to service (clean out) the exhaust tap at each oil change to ensure you are getting the most from your vacuum system. We have these in stocks now as a retrofit kit, and will be including them as standard equipment with our vacuum system installation kits in the future.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in


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