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We at Anti-Splat-Aero are excited to offer another new product, (THE HORIZONTAL STABILIZER BRACKETS MOD.) to add considerable strength and structure to the area of potential cracking on the horizontal stabilizer spar. Some reports of this area developing cracks in four different areas have surfaced and at most case was cause for some concern.  The horizontal stabilizer is definitely not something you can do without so we decided to beef-up it’s this portion, in turn eliminating the prospect of it failing. Though to our knowledge, no tails have fallen off yet, we think it prudent to be sure this potential point of failure is eliminated. Our new brackets are laser cut from very strong and tough, type 301 high tensile aircraft grade stainless sheets (UNS S30-100). This is a much more desirable material for the high stress application. Our new very light, 3.5 oz. simple, easy installed and inexpensive bracket system accomplishes this beef-with less intrusion and paint damage than some other solutions. This can put to rest fears of many RV builders, current owners and potential buyers of these wonderful aircraft. We looked at several different possible methods of accomplishing this and decided to add to, rather than replace, this area. This makes the modification very simple, no painting or external changes. This product allows the Van’s H/S to function as designed without interfering with its original design in any way. The product only adds considerable strength and much peace of mind into the equation. Our products have been discussed in great depth with hundreds of posts, comments, questions, answers and opinions on all of the forums for Vans RV aircraft. A vast amount of information is available there and makes for some very interesting as well as informative reading. We also have a video here at the bottom of this page that shows this product being installed and tested. Please have a look at them as well. Give us a try and as with all our products and services, if you don’t agree we will cheerfully take it back no questions asked. Thank You.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .5 in


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