• Ultimate Propeller Wrench


    We have finally finished our testing and created our demonstration video. These very versatile, revolutionary design propeller wrenches are now available for sale to the aviation community and aircraft enthusiasts. After trying to utilize several other prop wrenches (commercially as well as homemade) and feeling rather frustrated with the varying degrees of success, we decided there was definitely a need for an improved product. We went on line and purchased or viewed every type and configuration from several different manufacturers. We tried each design out and decided on what we considered needed improvement. We then decided to manufacture our own incorporating many improvements’ and additions. This approach enabled us to start with a clean slate and create a product unlike any of the others. In this we were able to create the ideal multi-function tool for this job. So here it is, the custom built Anti-Splat-Aero constant speed propeller wrench that was created special for you and your airplane. This tool is available in 3/4" and 5/8" sizes, its small, lightweight and easy to use making your propeller servicing and installations fast and easy. With just a few flicks of your wrist the bolts are started and easily run in and torqued. This super wrench is constructed with materials that are very strong, (4130 heat treated steel) then electroplated to meet our standards and will provide you with years of service. Through our manufacturing of a large quantity we can offer this fabulous product to you at this much reduced price. Hartzell actually sells a wrench at upwards of $650, I think Sensenich has one $260, we have seen several at just under $100. Avery tool has a wrench around our pricing but it is basically just a crow’s foot, Aircraft Spruce sells a somewhat comparable product to theirs for twice our price but ours is nicer and more adapted to actual use on airplanes. Have a look at the video here at the bottom of this page, demonstrating this quality tool.
    Please watch this brief demonstration video. Thanks