• Magnetic Super Plug


    We have now finished with our testing program and created a demonstration video in the videos section of our website. These very powerful, somewhat revolutionary, magnetic oil drain plugs are now available for sale to the aviation community and aircraft enthusiasts. This product fits most all general aviation engines currently in use.  After trying several other magnetic style plugs (commercially made as well as homemade) and feeling rather frustrated with the varying degrees of success, we decided there was definitely a need for another improved product. We went on line and purchased from several different manufacturers. We tried each design out, decided on what these did or didn’t do. We then decided to manufacture our own incorporating a special, very powerful magnet. In this we were able to create the ideal part for this job. So here it is, our custom built Anti-Splat-Aero “Magnetic Super Plug”. This plug was created special for use in your G.A. airplane. We have a video posted on our videos page of our web site that shows the product being used. This super plug is constructed with very high quality materials, a nickel cobalt grade eight magnet, which is very strong, and can handle temperatures of 975 degrees F. We then machine them to meet our standards to assure they will provide you with years of service. The ½” NPT plugs are full thread to prevent leaking, bored, reamed, cross drilled for tie wire, and then pressed together with several tons of pressure. Through our manufacturing of a large quantity we can offer this fabulous product to you at this much reduced price. Have a look at the video here at the bottom of this page, demonstrating this quality part.
    Please watch this brief demonstration video. Thanks