Inflatable Lumbar Support


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We finally received our shipment and they are now available for sale to the RV-ers and aviation community. After trying out a lumbar support a friend had installed in his airplane and feeling firsthand the support and comfort it provided. We went on line and purchased one of every type and configuration from several different manufacturers. We then tried each one out and decided on what we considered the best for comfort, installation, durability and ease of use. We then contacted the manufacturer and requested they make a few modifications to create the ideal, inflatable back and lumbar support for use in our airplanes. So here it is, the custom Anti-Splat-Aero inflatable lower back / lumbar support, that was created special for you and your RV airplane. They have the perfect length strap to secure them to your seat back, under, over or inside the seat cushion. The hose and pump ball with release valve is the ideal size and length so it can be placed on either side of your seat for ease of operation. The entire assembly only weighs a few (6) ounces. They are a small firm foam pillow that measures 6.5”x 12.0” that provides comfort and support even when not inflated. With just a few squeezes of the pump or a touch of the air valve your seat is completely transformed and feels like a luxury car seat. We currently offer the product in black, dark blue and burgundy colors to match most interiors. This ASA back support is constructed with materials that meet not only the federal standards but the riged California standards for flammability as well. Through our purchasing of a large quantity we can offer this fabulous product to you and your passengers at this very reduced price. Aircraft Spruce sells a somewhat comparable product for twice as much but this one is nicer and more adapted to the RV airplanes.