EZ Cool Cowl Flap


Anti-Splat-Aero is very proud to offer this new revolutionary product, the “EZ Cool Flap” as a long awaited solution to this sometimes challenging task of climbing out without high CHTs.  This new revolutionary, retrofit electric cowl flap product will definitely help calm the fears of many RV owners and builders of these great aircraft. After watching, reading, analyzing, researching and waiting for someone to offer up a solution we decided to go to work on this problem. Our effort turned out to be far greater in monetary and time investment than we initially planned but, all good things take time. After a considerable investment in design, engineering and testing many different configurations, learning and improving along the way. We now offer our product as the most logical, simple and easily installed device to address these temperature concerns. This product is constructed of the finest aircraft alloys and workmanship available and is far superior to any and all other solutions available at any price. This product only weighs a few ounces, is extremely easy to use, and offers unparalleled protection for your aircraft engine.  We also have a very informative video here at the bottom of this page, that shows the product being installed and tested. Please have a look at them as well.
Please watch this brief demonstration video. Thanks