ASA Smart Hat


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Anti-Splat-Aero is very proud to offer our new, much sought after (Hopefully) product. “THE ASA SMART HAT” as a partial solution to the receding hair lines, baldness, grey hair and other issues that can plague the pilot population. They can also keep the sun out of your eyes and keep your head from getting sunburned Etc. They will definitely make you look smarter, sexier and some pireps actually state it makes them able to think better. These great hats install in seconds and will not require any weight and balance changes before flight. We at Anti-Splat-Aero didn’t try to re-invent the hat; we simply improved it with our logo  Full installation and maintenance instructions will be included if needed. As with all of our products and services give it a try, if you are not happy we will cheerfully refund your money.