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Anti-Splat-Aero is very proud to offer this new very much improved product “THE ASA OIL SEPARATOR” as a solution to the oil consumption and collection of oil on the belly of your aircraft. I for one was tired of lying on my back, trying to clean the bottom of my airplane. The breathers kick out oil mist that collects on the belly that in turn grabs all the dust and dirt. I purchased a similar looking unit from another manufacturer, installed it and it made little if any improvement. Looking at all the other available and similar products, with prices ranging from $250.00 to $850.00 we decided to create one that actually works and is affordable. For years we have been making this type of product used in automotive racing engines so the leap to a light weight aircraft unit was a small one. After many hours on the dynamometer many changes and hours of flight testing the effort was well worth it.  We now can offer for sale this very light weight (about 7.5 oz.) “ASA Oil Separator” that in our tests out performs most of the competition at a fraction of the price. We are convinced our unit is the most logical, simple and inexpensive device that can be manufactured and installed in an effort to address these breather oil issues. This great little unit installs in minutes and will pay for itself in oil savings alone. The product allows the engine to function and breath as designed without interfering with its dynamics or operation in any way. The oil separator simply removes the oil from the blow-by stream and vents off the moisture and acids that can potentially harm your engine. This type of product has been discussed in great depth with hundreds of posts, comments, questions, answers and opinions on all of the forums and many web sites as well. A vast amount of information is available there and makes for some very interesting as well as informative reading. We at Anti-Splat-Aero didn’t try to re-invent this product, we simply improved it and manufacture it at a realistic price.  Full installation and maintenance instructions will be included. We also have a video here at the bottom of this page that shows the product being made and tested. Please have a look at this as well. For the time being we are offering this product in white powder coat or polished mirror finish. As with all of our products and services give it a try, if you are not happy we will cheerfully refund your money. Please watch this brief demonstration video. Thanks

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