The A.S.A. Oil Cooler Shroud


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We at Anti-Splat-Aero are at it again, offering another quality, problem solving new product! The A.S.A. Oil Cooler Shroud.  This new product will help simplify the installation of your firewall mounted, or custom installation oil cooler. With this product and an oil cooler shutter you can add full control of air entering to the oil cooler, thus giving the pilot some degree of control over the oil temperatures. No restriction to airflow with this four-inch diameter scat hose adaptor housing, as these will flow 200% more air than the oil cooler will pass. This product also makes the mounting of our oil cooler shutter control a snap. The weight is only 5.1 oz. (a small price to pay for all the added benefits). The dimensions are 9.5” X 4.25” The thickness is .125”.  We are now offering this high quality, time saving solution to complement your oil cooler and or cooler shutter installation, by taking the fabrication work out of a great already proven design. Backed with the “Anti-Splat-Aero” name behind it, this can put to rest, fears of flying with your oil temperatures out of range. This and all of our products have been discussed in great depth, with hundreds of posts, comments, questions, answers, and opinions on all of the aircraft forums for Vans RV, and other experimental aircraft. A vast amount of information is available there and makes for some very interesting as well as informative reading. Please have a look at them as well. Give us a try, and, as with all our products and services, if you don’t agree we will cheerfully take it back no questions asked.

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