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We at Anti-Splat-Aero are proud to offer another service that was previously not on our web site, (THE MAIN WHEEL BEARING MOD) as a partial solution to some of the main gear shaking and vibrating on roll out as many RV model builders / owners have pointed out to us. We set out to address this issue and it seems our efforts turned out to be well worth the time and energy.  We were able to introduce two revolutionary services. After a few months of design, engineering and testing, learning and improving along the way. We now feel our newest service (THE MAIN WHEEL BEARING MOD) in conjunction with “THE NOSE WHEEL UPGRADE” offers the most logical, simple and inexpensive improvements that can be utilized in an effort to address these gear leg concerns and violent shimmy issues. We clean, fully inspect, re-machine the wheels for the new bearings, re-assemble with new bearings, true the tires and precision balance the completed assemblies. These services allow the Van’s gear legs to function as designed without interfering with their dynamics or operation in any way. They simply don’t start to shake or shimmy in the first place if all is right, as in truing and balancing. The wheels after conversion offer virtually no rolling resistance and the days of messy wheel bearing servicing and packing are over. Our products have been discussed in great depth with hundreds of posts, comments, questions, answers and opinions on all of the forums for Vans RV aircraft and others. A vast amount of information is available there and makes for some very interesting as well as informative reading. We also have several videos here in our videos page of our web site that shows this service being performed. Please have a look at all the videos as they are very informative. As with all of our products and services give it a try, if you are not happy, we will cheerfully refund your money. Our price for THE MAIN WHEEL BEARING MOD is only $396.99 a set, material and labor. Should your tires need truing and precision balance that will add $25.00 each ($50 per set).   Please note that this is a service we perform on your existing main wheels. You would need to send in your main wheels to have this service performed. This modification can be performed on all Vans R-V models  , 3,4,6,7,8,9,10,14,  excluding the RV-12  as well as many other experimental aircraft models at this time. Thank you

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in
Precision True and Balance? Y/N

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