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JACK POINT / TIE-DOWN RING is our latest must-have offering for use on your RV (or almost any aircraft) We received many requests from forum members for a set of tie-down rings, incorporating built-in jack points that can be left in place full time. After a bit of investigation, we learned there is a real need for these and decided to add them to our product line. This little accessory can really save the day when jacking up your RV or other aircraft. We learned that almost all RV owners were using a bolt or tie-down ring, not designed, or safe for the task of jacking up their aircraft safely. Many were using a plastic part that was supplied by Vans (No longer available) for this job that was prone to failure. When this part fails, the wing jack will slide off and penetrate the wing, causing serious, costly damage. We were told this repeatedly when speaking with requesters of this product. This is not the case with our very high-quality precision Jack / Point tie-down rings. We made several prototypes and tested them for ease of operation and effectiveness, with this design being the all-around top performer. These small marine grade stainless steel Jack Point / Tie-downs can make jacking your aircraft a simple and safe task at home or away. These units have 3/8”X 16 threads per inch that fits the wing thread and will last the life of your aircraft. These parts are small, lightweight, rust & corrosion-proof, and you can always leave them installed in your plane. Give these a try and, if you don’t agree, (as with any of our tools or products) we will take them back no questions asked.

Anti-Splat-Aero’s price, only $47.50 per pair, Plus shipping

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

2 Pack, 3 Pack


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