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The “The Easy Oil Drain Tool” is our newest specialty tool/accessory, we developed specifically for use in most Lycoming equipped aircraft. After experiencing firsthand the difficulties and frustrations when trying to do an oil & filter change in our aircraft, with many conversations with fellow RV owners expressing their interest and experiences, we took on trying to make this task a bit less strenuous. First, we tried most all other products marketed for this task, I can say we had universal failures across the bord! Needless to say, we weren’t impressed. We decided to just start from scratch to solve the problems associated with the giant mess created when removing the oil filter on our Lycoming engines, or any engine with the oil filter mounted horizontally. In this process we addressed the problem of actually draining most of the oil out rather than just 80 or 85% of it. This new tool pretty much does it all, it gets rid of the oil mess when removing the filter. It gets some of the oil in the cooler, oil gallies and tubes as well. All of this with just a few easy steps, and very little expense. We created several different prototypes and tested them for ease of operation location, and effectiveness, with this current design being the all-around top performer. This one accessory can really save the day, and ease the frustration when performing an oil & filter change on your engine. This product is constructed of heat-treated d2 tool steel, 4130 chrome molly aircraft grade tube, all machined and heat treated to last you the life of your airplanes and then some. We think this in one of the best tools to date! Give this new “Easy Oil Drain Tool” a try, we are certain you will love it as we do! If you don’t agree, (as with any of our tools or products) we will take them back no questions asked. You may want to think about adding our super magnetic drain plug, and our oil filter wrench/tool to address all the issues when doing an oil change. Please review the video as well on this offering.

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